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Process to become a Foster/Proctor Parent

1 – Application

2 – Orientation & Training

3 – Child Placement

Is foster / proctor care right for you?

Foster/proctor care is NOT easy, but is so rewarding. Here are some things to think about.


  • You have to be 21 or older to be a foster parent.
  • Can be married or single
  • All adults living in the home must pass a background check
  • No abuse / domestic violence background
  • Verification of source of income (proctor care cannot be your only source of income)
  • Need to be healthy enough to care for children, as determined by their own medical provider

Frequently Asked Questions

Is training required?

We will help you every step of the way in becoming a licensed home. The State of Utah requires preservice training that 4 The Youth will assist you in completing. 4 The Youth provides a flexible training schedule that will fit your needs

What are the ages of youth that are placed in foster/proctor homes with 4 The Youth?

We are licensed to have youth in our program ages 0 to 21. The ages of youth that are placed in our foster homes are 6 to 18. Most youth are in their teenage years.

Where do the youth come from that will be placed in my home?

4 The youth is contracted with Division of Child and Family Services(DCFS) and Division of Juvenile Justice Services (DJJS). These divisions reach out to agencies like 4 The Youth with a list of treatment needs for these youth in care. If 4 The Youth has a home that fits the needs of the youth, then DCFS or DJJS will place the youth in the home. Before a youth is placed in your home we will go over all the information we have on the youth, which can help you decide if the youth will be a good fit for your home.

How long will a youth be in our home?

Youth can live in your home from 3 months to several years depending on the need and goals for the youth. Some youth go on to be adopted, while others return to live with their family, and others will turn 18 and go on to leave state custody and live independently

Do the youth have insurance?

Yes, all youth are covered by State Medicaid Insurance.

Is there a compensation for having the youth in my home?

Yes, you will receive compensation for the youth that you care for in your home, which is considered a tax-free income. The youth also receive additional money to help pay for their clothing and hygiene needs.

Where do the youth go to school at?

The youth will attend school in the school district you live in.

What should I prepare for when I am a foster/proctor parent?

It is important to understand that youth who are placed into foster care come from various backgrounds, cultures and generally have been exposed to traumatic events. Supporting these youth requires providing a safe, consistent and caring environment. You will play an essential role in the youth’s life and be a valuable part of their treatment team.

What is the difference between foster parents and proctor parents?

Foster parents are trained and licensed through the State of Utah.  Once the Foster home is certified, Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) will contact the home directly to place a youth in their home. Once the youth is placed in the foster home, the foster parent will work directly with the youth’s DCFS Case Worker.  The foster youth will also generally have therapy with a Medicaid approved provider in the community that the foster parent is responsible for scheduling and ensuring the youth attends.

Proctor care is similar to Foster Care. 4 The Youth is licensed through the State of Utah, which allows us to train and license proctor parents directly. DCFS and other child placing agencies contact 4 The Youth looking for available proctor homes to place youth in.  4 The Youth’s Program Director contacts the proctor home and discusses the youth’s situation with them. Proctor parents can then decide if it is an appropriate placement for their home. Once the youth is placed in the proctor home, 4 The Youth adds additional support to the proctor family and home with a mentor and therapist that both work at 4 The Youth. 4 The Youth also provides 24 hour support for the proctor home.

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